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Superiority of Cork based on its Physical & Biological Characteristics

Cork is an amazing natural material, with following characteristics :

  • Cork is made of vegetal cell tissues, with a density of 40 million microvoids /cm³
    => Particularity : its composition is similar for 95% with air.
  • That makes it a light and elastic material.
  • Insulating : Thermal Conductivity Coefficient K = 0,035,
    equivalent to polystyrene and glass wool,
    effective insulation depending on thickness and density.
  • Temperature-proof : the insulating power of cork against hot and cold remains operational between -150 °C & +130 °C.
  • Low capillarity.
    It can therefore be washed, with detergent or hot water.
  • Fire-resistant.
    Not producing flames, no toxic smoke emissions if burning away.
  • Gas-impervious.
  • Imputrescible if remaining dry.
  • Certified for contact with food, after adequate treatment.
  • Is not attacked by insects, rodents and termites.
  • Insulating against sound, vibrations, and electricity.
  • Anti-static, it does not retain dust.

Cork is best known for being used since centuries as bottle stoppers to preserve wine and champagne.

It is also used as a very effective construction material, thanks to its insulating properties.
However, based on all these amazing characteristics, cork materials are also currently used in many high-tech applications, such as high-speed trains, airplanes, space rockets and satellites, nuclear submarines, sailing boats, etc …